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10 Baby Products You Need As A First Time Mom | Crib Commute Podcast

10 Baby Products You Need As A First Time Mom

Here at the Crib Commute Podcast we pride ourselves on being the best podcast for moms out there. Today we are here to help share not only what our 10 baby products you need as a first time mom are, but what some of the poll results were when we asked our followers what they thought of certain baby products.

To hear more in depth discussion on these products, listen to Episode 5 of the Crib Commute Podcast, Love It or Leave It Baby Products.



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Snuggle Me Organic

Baby Sleep Training Course


White Noise Machine

IKEA High Chair

UBBI Diaper Pail

Baby Bjorn

Jogging stroller

Baby Bouncer

Owlet Sock


*Affiliate Links Below

Snuggle Me Organic: 46% Love It; 56% Leave it

Ring Sling: 38% Love it; 62% Leave it

Baby Bjorn: 39% Love it; 61% Leave it

Owlet Sock: 33% Love it; 67% Leave it

Baby Bouncer: 81% love it; 19% leave it

Baby Sleep Training Course: 41% love it; 59% leave it

Bassinet: 76% love it; 24% leave it

Dr. Browns Bottles: 50/50 split

Velcro Swaddle: 62% love it; 38% leave it

White Noise Machine: 91% love it; 9% leave it

Baby swing: 81% love it; 19% leave it

Muslin swaddle: 69% love it; 31% leave it

Dock-a-Tot: 15% love it; 85% leave it

Jogging stroller: 51% love it; 49% leave it

IKEA High Chair: 44% love it; 56% leave it

Boppy Nursing Pillow: 85% love it; 15% leave it

Diaper Genie: 31% love it; 69% leave it

UBBI Diaper Pail: 23% love it; 77% leave it

Bottle Warmer: 26% love it; 74% leave it

Which product are you excited to try out? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to listen to the podcast episode for more insight!

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