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100 Fun Activities You Have to Try With Your Kids This Summer and Fall

100 Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer and Fall

Summer Time is such a fun time to be a mom! But sometimes, it’s hard to remember that there are actually things to do in your city or town. That’s why we combined a list of 100 things to do with your kid that can be done in almost any town or city that your kids will love doing!

  1. Go to a Drive In Movie
  2. Have Picnics at the Park
  3. Roast Marshmallows up in a Canyon
  4. Go Rock Hunting on A Hike and then Paint Them
  5. Go Camping Indoors
  6. Go to a Water Park
  7. Have a Sno Cone Day
  8. Go to a State or County Fair
  9. Go to a Soccer Game
  10. Go to a Baseball Game
  11. Go Mini Golfing
  12. Eat Popsicles
  13. Have a Lemonade Stand
  14. Run Through the Sprinklers
  15. Go Swimming as a Family
  16. Go to the Library
  17. Go Camping Outside
  18. Read 200 Books (kid stories) – check out the Little Mama Shirt Shop reading challenge!
  19. Go to the Summer Movies
  20. Go for Bike Rides
  21. Play in a Sandbox
  22. Go to a Beach
  23. Go Geocaching
  24. Fly a kite
  25. Build a Fort
  26. Do Puzzles
  27. Go to the Park
  28. Paint with Chalk
  29. Do Chalk Art
  30. Paint with Water
  31. Read Books Outside
  32. Have a Tea Party
  33. Learn to Ride a Scooter
  34. Make Friendship Bracelets
  35. Make Origami
  36. Do Brain Breaks on Youtube
  37. Bake Cookies
  38. Do Paint By Number
  39. Do Diamond by Number
  40. Go to a Chalk Art Festival
  41. Go to a Farmer’s Market
  42. Send Letters to a Friend
  43. Play with Playdough
  44. Go to the Zoo
  45. Go to a Children’s Museum
  46. Ride a Carousel
  47. Ride a Train
  48. Play with MagnaTiles
  49. Bake a Cake
  50. Have a Dance Party
  51. Make Sock Puppets
  52. Do Swim Lessons
  53. Take Toys to the Thrift Shop
  54. Visit a Neighborhood Library
  55. Make a Playlist of Fun Songs
  56. Have a Book Club
  57. Go to a Music Class
  58. Learn How to Play a New Sport
  59. Learn How to Do a Cartwheel
  60. Do a Backyard Ninja Warrior Course
  61. Build a Birdhouse
  62. Collect Sea Shells
  63. Read a Book and then Watch the Movie
  64. Press Flowers
  65. Go Bug Hunting
  66. Go Go-cart Racing
  67. Go to a Community Theater Play
  68. Play Board Games
  69. Make Handprint Crafts
  70. Do Science Experiments
  71. Learn to Hula Hoop
  72. Go on a Treasure Hunt
  73. Do an Indoor “Laser Maze”
  74. Make Finger Puppets
  75. Make Wind Chimes
  76. Do Sensory Bin Activities
  77. Make a Bird Feeder
  78. Create an Outdoor Obstacle Course
  79. Make an “I Spy” Bag
  80. Have a Paper Airplane Contest
  81. Create a Matchbox Car Race Track
  82. Make Collages from Magazines
  83. Make Vision Boards
  84. Tie Dye Shirts
  85. Make a Fairy Garden
  86. Make a Pool Noodle Water Wall
  87. Make Soap Boats
  88. Have a Bike Car Wash
  89. Host a Box Car Drive-In Movie
  90. Go Hiking
  91. Play Frisbee Golf
  92. Climb a Rock Wall
  93. Try a New Restaurant
  94. Do Random Acts of Kindness
  95. Have a Trivia Night
  96. Do a Photography Challenge
  97. Write a Story Together
  98. Plant Seeds/Plant a Garden
  99. Play Night Games
  100. Have a Spa Day


How to Keep Your Kids Cool in the Summer Heat

Sadie has become a pro at keeping her kids cool when it’s super hot outside out of necessity. A few of her favorite tips for staying cool are:

  1. Always have drinking water nearby and encourage your kids to drink every 10-15 minutes
  2. Keep an insulated water bottle full of ice and another one full of water so you can refill.
  3. Wet a hand towel or small cloth and drape it around your child’s neck. This will help regulate their body temperature!
  4. If you have a small baby, wet a swaddle blanket and wrap them in the wet blanket or drape the wet blanket over them to help give them a cool breeze.
  5. If you’re going for a walk your kids are in a stroller or wagon, wet a bath or beach towel and drape it over their legs to keep them cool.
  6. Sit and play in the shade and in the grass when possible.
  7. If you don’t have grass, wet the concrete. It will keep you cooler.
  8. Stock up on popsicles and allow your kids to eat multiple popsicles a day!
  9. Spend time outside in shifts. (We like to do 20-30 minutes outside and then 2 hours inside to cool down or take naps and then 20-30 minutes outside again!)
  10. Play with water. Invest in a Water Table (you can get them online for as cheap as $20!). Get a kiddie pool/squirters and play in water as often as possible!
  11. Go outside early in the morning before breakfast. (unfortunately, my kids are awake early in the morning, but the morning hours are the most cool where we live, so we go outside early in the day and spend more time outside in the morning and then spend most of the hot parts of the day inside and spend time outside again in the evening)
  12. Take a day trip to the nearest mountains or beach. Spend time where the climate is cooler.

If you try something from our list, tell us on Instagram @cribcommutepodcast! We want to hear about it! And be sure to listen to Episode 42 of the Crib Commute Podcast to hear more about our Summer Bucket Lists!

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