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Episode 31 – 30 Easy Spring Bucket List Ideas for Toddler Moms

It’s almost Spring and the girls can feel it so today they are sharing their Spring Bucket Lists with you! These are fun activities that you can do with your kids, plus a few that are more geared for just you as a mom. They start the episode with a few life updates including having Karli share about her fun March Madness Fashion Edition she does every year. Sadie also talks about the crazy news in her life that has her possibly making a big life change!

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Toddler Moms

  1. Easter Egg Hunt
  2. Take Family Photos
  3. Have a picnic – but like make it aesthetic
  4. Go on a family bike ride
  5. Dance in the Rain
  6. Go to a baseball game
  7. Put out a bird feeder
  8. Visit a National Park
  9. Spring Cleaning – DEEP CLEAN/ORGANIZATION
  10. Host a Tea Party
  11. Play Mini Golf
  12. Go to an Outdoor Concert
  13. Go to a Flower Festival
  14. Plant a garden
  15. Blow Bubbles
  16. Fly Kites
  17. Visit a farm
  18. Make a fairy garden
  19. Go Camping
  20. Read Books Outside on a Blanket
  21. Have a BBQ
  22. Annual Easter Party
  23. Have The Kids Plant Something
  24. New Park Monday
  25. Go To The Zoo
  26. More Family Walks
  27. Try A New Fitness Class
  28. Firepit
  29. Fly A Kite
  30. Indoor Camping
  31. Get a Pedicure

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