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Episode 30 – MOM CHAT: How To Make Friends as a Mom

We are so excited for today’s episode! We’re going to talk about How to Make Friends as an Adult! This is a question we have been asked multiple times, so we figured it was time to do an episode about it! Feeling lonely is tough and we both have had to reach out at one point or another to make new friends! 

Karli’s Tips: 

1: reach out first

2: take your kid places or you go places and set up play dates with the kids of the moms you like  

3: give Grace

4: don’t expect one friend to be everything…that’s hard, exhausting and unrealistic

5: open up and be vulnerable

Bonus Tip: I want to add on and talk about knowing your friends love languages with giving and receiving 

Sadie’s Tips: 

1: Be friends with yourself first; know what YOU like to do and be willing to do it alone

2: Put yourself in places where making friends is simple. (when you were in school, you met friends at school because you were in the same life situation and you were both there; being an adult is no different)

3: Recognize that people have lives that they are living.

4. Be there. When they’re going through something hard, be there. When things are good, be there. When you can’t physically be there, be there online and via text message.

5: Remember that people are people. Everyone needs friends and everyone wants friends. Even if it goes unanswered sometimes, reach out when you feel the nudge.

BONUS: Be the friend you want to have.

We’ve all been there….we become adults and friendships take more work and seem harder to find and maintain. Add in becoming a mom and it’s amplified. This week the girls chat all about their tips for making mom friends including ways to meet and make new friends, plus how to keep solid friendships. With over 12 tips, you’ll leave this episode feeling ready to up your friendship game.Don’t forget to reach out to the girls on Instagram if you want mom friends and if you have a bunch of mom friends, send this episode to them and let them know you are grateful for their friendship.

Join this week’s MOM CHAT: How to Make Friends as a Mom by listening to Episode 30 of the Crib Commute Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!

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