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Episode 32 – Love It or Leave It: Hospital Bag Essentials for New Moms

Get ready to hear if you are in the majority or minority with how you feel about these popular hospital bag essentials. The girls polled the commuters to get your feedback on if these hospital bag essentials are actually essentials. Plus they share some other hospital bag/hospital essentials advice sent in by commuters. Plus Sadie shares ALL the details about quitting her job. The why, when, how, and all the emotions and decision making that went into it.

Extra Long Phone Charger: 
Love it: 97%
Leave it: 3%

Love it: 38%
Leave it: 62%

Nice Soap:
Love it: 38%
Leave it: 62%

Love it: 38%
Leave it: 62%

Going Home Clothes:
Love it: 100%
Leave it: 0%

Your own blanket:
Love it: 49%
Leave it: 51%

Comfy clothes for your partner
Love it: 89%
Leave it: 11%

Your own pillow
Love it: 48%
Leave it: 52%

Nice camera:
Love it: 34%
Leave it: 66%

Gifts for nurses:
Love it: 33%
Leave it: 67%

Professional Photos in the hospital:
Love it: 27%
Leave it: 73%

Birth video:
Love it: 20%
Leave it: 80%

You don’t actually need anything:
Love it: 23%
Leave it: 77%


You definitely don’t need as much as you think you do! Pack light!

Bring chapstick, especially if you have dry skin. And bring snacks for after

All you need is a phone charger, camera and going home clothes for you and babe

Bring snacks if you can!

Chapstick and snacks were my top used items



Snacks! I wish i didn’t have to rely on a nurse or my hubby to get me something


Snacks! For you and hubby! Both times we just snacked the whole time.

On the last question, I don’t think you don’t need to pack anything but i do think that you need essentials. Clothes, toothpaste/toothbrush, hair stuff, baby stuff, hubby things.

Long HDMI and laptop. A Roku or fire stick– especially if you’re being induced. Hospital TV is awful


Literally only the very essentials. Ie: toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant and clothes to go home

A stroller fan to put on your hospital bed– saved me during the birth! 

Chapstick and hand lotion and snacks and your favorite drinks.

You don’t actually have to pack anything but it makes it nicer to have some of your own stuff.

Have a friend who is having a baby soon? Send them this episode to get them ready to pack their hospital bag! Listen to Episode 32 of the Crib Commute Podcast, Hospital Bag Essentials, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!

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