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Episode 45 | Mom Hot Takes with FreckledHan

Episode 45 | Mom Hot Takes with FreckledHan

Today we are kicking off our Summer of Stories with an in between episode. It’s submissions, but not quite stories but it’s because we have a guest on that we are excited to chat with. We have Hannah with us today to chat about your motherhood hot takes. Hannah is a coach/speaker/podcaster who helps women redefine motherhood. Karli actually found Hannah after she shared a few times on social media about her thoughts on how motherhood should be a positive experience and we should be sharing about that on social media. She then went on to talk about my thoughts on how my “job” during the day is to watch the kids and help them grow and that she doesn’t consider my job during the day to include cooking dinner or cleaning the house. If she does those things during the day, great, but Kyle and she split those equally. After she shared this, multiple people sent her DMs saying she needed to follow Hannah and honestly she puts all of my thoughts into a much better eloquent discussion better than Karli feels she ever could, so we are really excited to have her on the podcast today!

We wanted to have Hannah on for this episode because how people view and look at motherhood can be considered a hot take…. so we wanted to chat with her about her thoughts on motherhood and then dive into the controversial hot takes you submitted.

Disclaimer for this episode: Hot takes are opinions. Opinions are not fact or necessarily true or false. Opinions are subjective and reflect the experiences of the opinion holder. You can agree or disagree with these things, but they are neither right nor wrong! 

A little intro about Hannah:

After finding out she was expecting her first baby in 2015, Hannah had to work through a lot of her beliefs and misunderstandings about motherhood. 6 years, 5 kids, and a pandemic later, she has gotten really clear about what motherhood is and what it ISN’T. Now she is on a mission to help other women REDEFINE MOTHERHOOD to reduce “mom guilt” and experience more joy. The simple understanding that motherhood is not a job, identity, or hobby; it is a relationship, has changed nearly every aspect of her life and she’s excited to help women everywhere understand just how much it will change everything for them, too.

Sadie’s Hot Takes:

1: another family’s screen time is none of your business

2: advice is always free, so take it for what it is worth… anyone who starts a sentence with, “back when…” or “back in my day…” is giving you garbage advice for a world that no longer exists.

3: if following milestones is anxiety inducing— stop following/tracking them.

4: you don’t NEED any specific products in order for your kids to be healthy or to be a good mom

5: if you’ve never given birth, you can’t have an opinion on giving birth… 

Karli’s Hot Takes:

1: I hate when parents put kids on a leash.

2: People should take a parenting class just as much as a birthing class.

3: Listening to experts is more important than we acknowledge (especially in terms of crib safety, water safety, food safety, car safety, what products we use, etc)

4: I hate the saying “either you will be ready or you kid will be ready” yes it is harder to get ready, but what I wish people would own is that it’s not a priority to them and that is okay, but i hate the blaming on having a kid as a reason for not doing things for yourself

5: Blaming being a mom on the reason you can’t bathe, sleep, or eat bothers me. Stop blaming motherhood as a reason your life is a certain negative way you don’t want


1: we focus way too much on birth and not enough on parenting

2: Your spouse should have an equal share of the parenting responsibilities/household chores when they are home.

3: I’m a terrible SAHM. I’m so much more engaged with my kids and present when I get time at work for adult interactions.

4: There is nothing wrong with letting your kids play with toys that need batteries

5: Let kids wear the cheesy character shirts Childhood doesn’t need to always be aesthetic

6: if my kid doesn’t eat what I make for dinner, she doesn’t eat dinner. We’ve been taking this approach since she turned 1 (she’s 2), and she now eats whatever we make for dinner!

Be sure to come back for part two of Mom Hot Takes because WE HAVE SO MANY MORE TO SHARE WITH YOU/ ya’ll had SOOOOOOOO many hot takes about motherhood. 



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