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Episode 25 – Make Your Marriage a Priority After Having Kids

Make Your Marriage a Priority After Having Kids with These Tips

We all know that having kids changes the dynamic of your marriage, but it doesn’t need to make it less of a priority! That’s why we brought in Amberly from A Prioritized Marriage to talk about how to make your marriage a priority– especially after having kids!

The girls are excited to have Amberly (a certified Family Life Educator) on the podcast to talk about making your marriage a priority. They talk about how to connect with your spouse if you feel in a rut, overnight dates, at home date ideas and more. Turn it up and get ready to add some fun and new ideas to your marriage!

Make Your Marriage a Priority with Amberly Lambertsen of A Prioritized Marriage

5 Tips for Dating Your Spouse After Kids

  1. Recreate an Old Date! Recreating an old date you went on while you were dating can help bring you closer together and bring up old feelings/emotions from when you were dating.
  2. Make Overnight Dates a Priority! Go to a local hotel or even stay at home and have your kids stay at Grandma’s for the night. Having that extended period of time together can really bond you.
  3. Treat it Like a First Date! Are you struggling with wanting to go on dates with your spouse/connecting? Set up a date like a first date. Keep the date short, sweet, and simple. Leave them wanting more and take the time to get to know the person again.
  4. Put Your Phone Away! Sometimes all you need to do to make a date night at home is to do something with no distractions. Put your phone away and watch the tv show.
  5. Set a Schedule and Don’t Stray! Decide how often you want to do a date night and stick to it. Don’t let anything get in the way. (Even and especially your kids!)
Make Your Marriage a Priority with Amberly Lambertsen of A Prioritized Marriage

5 Tips to Make Your Marriage a Priority, Especially After Having Kids!

  1. Make Date Night a Non-negotiable. Set it in the calendar, add a column in the budget and schedule the babysitter.
  2. Create a Date Night Bucket List that includes at-home dates, date nights out on the town, cheap dates and lavish dates that you’ll never forget!
  3. Include Your Husband in Date Night Planning. You don’t have to take on date night all by yourself. Include your husband. Ask him about things that he would enjoy doing and help make date night something that both of you look forward to!
  4. Take the Pressure Off! You don’t have to go out and do something fancy or big each week. A trip to the soda shop and a movie on the couch is a GREAT date night! Date nights are all about the intentional time you’re spending together!
  5. Spice Things Up and Shake Things Up! Wear something new, go to a new restaurant, go on a brunch date! Keep things interesting and fun! Dating is SUPPOSED to be fun, so let it be a fun time!

Amberly shared quite a few different ideas for saving money, doing at home date nights and how to budget for over night dates so be sure to listen to Episode 25 of the Crib Commute Podcast, MOM CHATS: Making Your Marriage a Priority with Amberly Lambertsen! Don’t miss this episode if you’re trying to make dating your husband a priority in 2023!

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