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The Ultimate List of Simple, Budget-Friendly At-Home Date Night Ideas

At-Home Date Night Ideas | Crib Commute Podcast

Having Date Night after kids can be so difficult! There are so many obstacles in the way of making it happen, like budget, finding a sitter, choosing what to do, etc. We’ve created a list of at-home date night ideas that are simple, fun and can be done after the kids are in bed so you don’t have to worry about hiring a babysitter!


  1. Paint Night with Bob Ross Videos
  2. Create Your Own Escape Room
  3. Build a Fort & Watch a Movie together (Sadie has this projector that hooks up to her phone that makes movie nights a little more fun!)
  4. Play Card Games
  5. Spa Night
  6. Soda Tasting
  7. Pizza Night
  8. Camping in the Living Room
  9. Have a Bubble Bath
  10. Prom Night + Slow Dance in the Kitchen
  11. Do a Puzzle Together
  12. Lego Building Contest
  13. Board Game
  14. Play Video Game or Jack Box Games
  15. Do Hot Yoga
  16. Tie Dye Shirts Together
  17. Play MasterChef
  18. Have a Disposable Camera Photo Shoot
  19. Play Trick Shots (mini golf, basketball hoop, dominoes, etc.)
  20. Gingerbread House Kit
  21. Nerf Gun War
  22. Capture the Flag
  23. [Strip] Poker
  24. Sugar Cookie
  25. Write Letters to Santa & Watch a Christmas Movie
  26. Indoor Snowball Fight
  27. Indoor Picnic
  28. Would You Rather
  29. Vision Board
  30. Blind Date with a Book
  31. Blind Date with a movie
  32. Blind Taste Test
  33. Brownies and Ice Cream
  34. Never Have I Ever
  35. Sheets & Ladders
  36. Holiday Episodes of TV shows
  37. Karaoke 
  38. Charcuterie boards
  39. Would You Rather
  40. S’mores Night
  41. Personality Quiz Night (ie: enneagram, human design, etc)
  42. Origami Night
  43. Candle Light Take Out
  44. 5 Senses Date Night
  45. Favorite Things Night
  46. Make Milkshakes
  47. Exotic Taste Test Night (buy random candies, foreign foods, etc. from the Foreign Aisle at the grocery store!)
  48. Box of Chocolates Roulette; buy a box of chocolates and take turns choosing a chocolate and eating it without knowing the flavor
  49. Make Rice Crispy Treats
  50. Sheets Twister

For overnight date night ideas, listen to episode 25 of Crib Commute Podcast! Amberly, from A Prioritized Marriage, shared quite a few different ideas for saving money, doing at home date nights and how to budget for over night dates so be sure to listen to Episode 25 of the Crib Commute Podcast, MOM CHATS: Making Your Marriage a Priority with Amberly LambertsenDon’t miss this episode if you’re trying to make dating your husband a priority in 2023!

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