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Tips For Setting and Achieving Your Goals | Crib Commute Podcast

Tips for Setting and Achieving Your Goals

To start our new year off right, we are sharing our best tips for setting and achieving your goals for this 2023 year (or whatever year you are reading this). You can listen to our podcast episode all about our 2023 goals and tips for a more in depth conversation. Each podcast episode is designed to entertain and help moms throughout their day….it really is the best podcast for moms.



Set Goals You Are Passionate About:

If you aren’t passionate about working out, but you want to be active, find a way to be active and set that as your goal. Too many people set goals they have no real passion or desire to achieve, making them easily stop their new year’s goal.

Make Them Achievable

I heard someone mention that telling yourself you are going to do something and then not is lying to yourself and that is one way to not achieve a goal because your brain will start to not believe you in the future when you set goals because it will think it is optional. But if you follow through….your brain doesn’t think it has an option. So make sure you are setting goals that you can realistically achieve, but still push you.

Write Them Down and Check Them Off

Writing down your goals is one of the best ways to make sure you do them. I use a checklist at the end of everyday so that I am continually checking in with myself on how I’m doing. It also helps me do them each day if I’m reading about them each day.

Reward Yourself

I’m a big fan of rewarding myself, because why not? I deserve it! Set a timeline and give yourself a fun reward at the end for reaching your goal.

Use SMART Goals


SMART means:






I think it’s good to have a big goal, but then when you break it down into smaller pieces like this, it becomes WAAAAY more attainable and doable. I’m definitely a big picture thinker and sometimes breaking things down into small pieces is hard because I want to go from step one, to step two, to step three but I don’t always know the “chronological order” of how to do something. So I think it’s important to write down EVERYTHING you need to get to your final goal and then if there are things you don’t know how to do, then that’s where you start— learning how to do certain things or making decisions to hire someone else to do those things and then keep moving forward.

We hope these tips help you with your goal setting this year! Get ready to crush it and good luck!

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